Manuel Geerinck

Born the 8th of October 1961 in Brussels, Belgium.

Graduate from the Belgium National School for Visual Arts in 1986.

He has taught at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

In 1996, he moved to Paris, and worked as a painter and photographer.

After living for 15 years in New York city From 2003 to 2013 and in Barcelona for the following 3 years, he now works between Brussels and New York.

Manuel Geerinck work has been featured at the Aperture Foundation “Edge of Vision” exhibition and across the US and Europe as a part of William Hunt “Unseen Eye” collection.

In 2012 he won the first price in the World Photography Awards in the conceptual category.

His drawings are part of the New York based Drawing Center Viewing Program.

Manuel Geerinck artwork has been selected by Carter Foster, curator of Drawings at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and by Laura Phipps, Senior Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Public Collections


-Whitney Museum of American Art Library, New York, USA.

-New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut, USA.

-Collection of the BNF, Bibliothêque Nationale de France, Paris, France.

-Fondation Philipp Morris, Zurich, Switzerland

-Collection des communautés Européennes, Brussels, Belgium.

-TV5 Europe, Paris, France.

-Citibank, Belgium.

-Collection du ministère de la culture, Belgium.


Private Collections


-William Hunt The Unseen Eye collection, New York, USA.

-Steve Wynn collection, Las Vegas, USA.

-Mary and John Brock Collection, Atlanta, USA.

-Christopher Hyland Collection, New York, USA.

-James Dinian & Elizabeth Miller collection, New York, USA.

-Alexandre Percy collection, Paris, France.

-Myriam et Amaury De Solage collection, Brussels, Belgium.

-Amy and Ronald Guttman collection, New York, USA.

-Ralph Pucci Collection, New York, USA.

-Jeff Gordon Collection, New York, USA.

-John Ceriale Collection, New York, USA.


One person exhibitions



-Galerie EBC, Paris, France


-Galerie Gilles et boissier, Paris, France


-Peinture fraîche, Brussels, Belgium


-Ralph Pucci Los Angeles, USA.


– EBC Consultants, Paris, France.

-Artitude Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


-Ralph Pucci Miami, USA


-Ralph Pucci, Miami, USA.

-Mondo Galeria, Madrid, Spain.


-La Contemporanea Gallery, Torino, Italy.

-Ralph Pucci, Los Angeles, USA.


-Galerie Werner & Wabbes, Paris, France.

-Gallery 9, Ralph Pucci, New York, USA.

-Galerie Antonio Nardone, Brussels, Belgium.


-Gallerie Peter Vann, St Moritz, Switzerland.


-Galerie Peter Vann, St Moritz, Switzerland.

-Gallery 9, Ralph Pucci, New York, USA.

-Maxhaus Stadthaus, Dusseldorf, Germany.


-Centre d’art contemporain, Epinal, France.

-Anderwereld Gallery, Groningen, Holland.

-Galleries Polar+NKA, Brussels, Belgium. 2006

-Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium. 2005

-Le Botanique, Centre culturel de la Communauté Française,Brussels, Belgium.

-5+5 Gallery, New York, USA.


-Seed Factory, Brussels, Belgium.

-Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium.


-Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium.

-Art Paris, one man show France.

-Art Brussels, one man show, Brussels, Belgium.


-Pavillon Gabriel, Paris France.


-Galerie Artitude, Brussels, Belgium.


-Galerie Faider, Brussels, Belgium.

-Galerie Lillebonne,

-Centre culturel d’art contemporain, Nancy, France.

-Galerie Frédéric Storme, Lille, France.


-Galerie Faider, Brussels, Belgium.


-City Banque, Gent, Belgium.

-Rapp&Collins, Brussels, Belgium.


-Galerie Alain Selmersheim, Paris, France.


-Galerie Véronique Hallez, Brussels, Belgium.


-IPS Communication, Paris, France.

-GIC, Paris, France.

-Galerie du groupe Fusion, Lille, France.

-Galerie Iris, L’Isle-sur Sorgues, France.


Selected group exhibitions


-MH gallery hors les murs, les traversées du Marais, Paris, France

-Schonfeld gallery, Brussels, Belgium

-MH gallery hors les murs, photographie plastique,

Rencontre internationale de la photographie, Arles, France


-Enflammés, mathile Hatzenberger gallery, Brussels. Belgium

-Mural, Ralph Pucci gallery, los Angeles, USA

-Jungle, Gilles et Boissier, curated by Alexandre Percy / galerie acte 2, Paris, France


-Paper Stories, Schonfeld gallery, Brussels, Belgium

-Gilles et Boissier, curated by Alexandre Percy, galerie acte 2, Paris, France


-Ralph Pucci, gallery, Los Angeles, USA.2019


-Ralph Pucci gallery, New york, USA.


-Drive my car, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona, Spain.

-Gallery Koo, Honk Kong

-Galerie acte 2 rive gauche, Paris, France


-Construction deconstruction,galerie acte2, Paris, France


-Wunderkamer, 55th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.

-Inside Out, Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, curated by Laura Phipps, Senior Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Kentler International Drawing Space, New York, USA.

-The Edge of Vision, Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge, USA.


– Les Rencontres d’Arles, the Unseen Eye, Arles, France.

-Somerset House, World Photography Awards, winners exhibition, London, England.

-Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia, USA.

-Schneider Museum of Art Southern Oregon University, Ashland, USA.

-Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Photography, Portland, USA.


-Wuderkammer, cabinet de curiosités contemporain, Botanique, Brussels, Belgium.

-Museo Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan, Italy.

-The Unseen Eye, George Eastman House, Rochester, USA.

-Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China.

-Maison Particulière, Art Foundation, Brussels, Belgium.

-Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, Winter Park Florida, USA.

-Gallery 9, Ralph Pucci, New York, USA. 2010

-Pingyao International Photography festival, China.

-Center for Creative Photography at the University of Tucson, Arizona, USA.


-Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA.

-Anderwereld Gallery, Groningen, Holland.

-The Edge Of Vision, Aperture Fondation. New York, USA.

-Galerie Actes 2, Paris, France.

-New Britain Museum of American Art, The Christopher Hyland Collection of Photography, By Way of These Eyes:

The Sublime, Exotic and Familiar.


-212 Gallery, Aspen, CO, USA.

-Fotographie un(d)wirklichkeit, Maxhaus, Dusseldorf, Germany.

-Gallery 9, Ralph Pucci, New York, USA.


-Foam Museum, The William Hunt collection, Amsterdam, Holland.

-NKA Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

-Galerie Acte 2, Paris, France.

-Kentler International Drawing Space,New York, USA.

-New Art Gallery, Litchfield, CT, USA.

-School of Art Galleries, Kent State University New York, USA

-Drawing Invitational with Pierogi Flat Files Kent, OH, USA.


-Musée de l’Elysée, The William Hunt collection, Genéve, Suisse.

-Galerie Acte 2, Paris, France.

-Brooklyn international film festival, Brooklyn, USA.

– Long Beach Island Fondation, National exhibition, New Jersey, USA. Juried by Carter Foster, curator of Drawings at the Whitney Museum of America Art.

-Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, USA.


-Concepto Gallery, Brooklyn, USA.

-No Eyes, a selection of the William Hunt collection, Rencontre Internationale de la Photographie, Arles, France.


-Gallery Pierogi, the flat files program, New York, USA.

-Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium.

-Soo Visual Art Center, Minneapolis, USA.

-The Andy Warhol Museum, the flat files program, Pittsburg, Pensylvania, USA.

-University Art Museum, Selected Works from the Pierogi’s flat files, University of Albany, New York, USA.


-Galerie Pascal Polar, Bruxelles, Belgium.


-Centre culturel Jacques Brel, Thionville, France.

-Galerie Pascal Polar, Bruxelles, Belgium.


-Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium.

-Galerie Avivson, Paris, France.




2012 -Choreography of Pictorial Fetishes, Six publisher, New york.

2003 -Exhibition catalogue, Drawings and others, Seed Factory, Brussels.

2002 -Exhibition catalogue, galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels.

1999 -Six comptes à régler éditions C & Galerie Frédéric Storme, Lille.

1995 -Recent works, MP&Rapp Collins, publisher Brussels.

1993 -Exhibition catalogue, Twogether, publisher Brussels.




2012 -Sony World photography awards.

2011 -The Useen Eye, Photographs From The Unconscious, by W.M Hunt, Aperture and Thames & hudson Publisher.

2009 -The Edge of vision, The Rise of Abstraction in Photography by Lyle Rexer, Aperture Fondation, publisher.

2007 -Manuel Geerinck, chorégraphe de fétiches picturaux, By Christian Gattinoni, Photos Nouvelles magazine, Paris.

2006 -Eyes only. Collecting photos with Bill Hunt By Lyle Rexer, Art on paper, January / February 2006 vol 10, New York 2003 -Print’s National Design annual, New York.

1998 -Communication Art annual , New-York.


juried exhibitions


-International Selection,

Lens Culture, Paris, France

-The drawing center viewing program, New York, USA.

-Artist Space viewing program, New York, USA.

-Re-title, London, England.

-Kentler International Drawing Space,

-SOO Visual Art Center, Minneapolis, USA.

-Brooklyn internationnal film festival, Brooklyn, USA.

-Long Beach Island Fondation, New Jersey, USA. Juried by Carter Foster, curator of Drawings at the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Art Fairs

by alphabitical order


-Art Basel Miami, USA – 2006, 07.

-Art Brussels, Belgium – 2001, 02, 03, 04 (solo show).

-Art Paris, France – 2001, 02, 03, 04, 05 ,06 ,07 (solo show).

-Les Elysée de l’Art, Paris, France – 2007.

-Art Cologne, Germany – 2007.

-PAD, Paris, France 2015.

-Paris Photo, Paris, France 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

-Pool Art Fair, New york, USA – 2006.

-Pool Art Fair, Miami, USA – 2006.

-Pulse, Miami, USA 2018

-St. Moritz Art Master, Switzerland 2009.

-The Armory Show, New York, USA – 2005, 06, 07.

-Zurich Art fair, Switzerland 2009.




-Sony World Photography Awards, Winner, conceptual category, 2012

-Print’s National Design award, New York, 2003.

-First prize, Press award, Paris, 2001.

-Award of excellence Communication Art, New-York, 1998.

-Pirelli Energy, Milan, 1997.